Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ticked Off Teddy Was An Idea

I never launched Ticked Off Teddy..there are numerous teddy bears laying around so I had this idea of filming vlogs and writing pet peeve columns from a Teddy Bears point of view. But I never quite got around to it. I write columns over at so I never felt the need to write articles here. Truthfully, both my blogs have backslid since the recent birth of my second child.

My infant son, Zen turns 2-months old tomorrow. I still get up twice per night to feed him and my wife takes over in the morning while I catch up on sleep. Then I get up, try to do as much work as I can (I do a lot of my work from home), and then participate in activities with my toddler-aged son, River after his afternoon nap. Then at night after putting River to bed I try to finish work before laying down and watching a movie with my wife.

Needless to say, both my blog(s) have suffered and this one never even got started. I have a category for "Peeves" on my other site and it only has about 5 columns. And most of those are silly things like TVLand replacing old shows with reality programming and the abundance of people I see in restaurant bathrooms who do not wash their hands after using the toilet.

I realize that in ten years, most of the little things that bother me will not matter. I just have to stay optimistic, work hard at being a good person, set a good example and remain diligent in shaping the character of my children. I will still write letters to TVLand and try to convince people to wash their hands more often, but it is far more important to make sure my children go outside, watch less television, and wash their hands. Because in 10 years they will still matter..and TVLand will just be a reality show wasteland.